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Outrigger Canoe racing is addictive, and it is a sport played in the best playground of all, the open waters along the Queensland coast! Our club prides itself in achieving a top placing every year in the North Queensland zone championships.

We achieve this through dedication and hard training. To enjoy this sport at a competitive level, you will need be a capable swimmer, love exercise and be able to commit time for training sessions and regatta’s. Its not only paddling, but we do have many club social events, and do we travel! Every year members of our club compete at an International regatta. In the past 5 years our members have been to Canada, New Zealand, Hawaii, Fiji, Cook Islands, Palau, Guam, Samoa, Papua New Guinea and Saipan.

Are you a first timer?

If you are new to the sport, then you start by joining our novices group.

Novices paddle every Monday, and we would like you there by 5.15pm, at the Cairns Yacht Club in town.

Call Andrea, on 0407244337 to register your interest, or just turn up.

Just remember, it is a water sport, so dress in appropriate clothing, and be sure to bring a bottle of water!

Some good news is that you are covered by Insurance even during your first novice paddles! AOCRA insurance covers all new paddlers for their first 3 sessions, but only if the participant has filled in, signed and handed to the coach, an Indemnity and Release Form before their first paddle.

Download the Indemnity and Release form, fill it in and bring it to your first paddle…

Training Facilities

Our Club has fully qualified Outrigger Coaches, and assistant coaches, whom oversee training sessions. We have our race canoes and canoe trailer at the Ellis Beach facility, and in town we store our training canoes. There is also a selection of club paddles in the town facilities that can be used for training.

Is there any age limitation?

You are NEVER TOO OLD to paddle an outrigger, but you have to be over 12 years old. Our club competes in regatta’s in variety of age divisions, in either men’s, women’s or mixed. Currently our club members ages range from 12 to 65. The current age divisions for competition in the NQ Regatta Zone are:

  • Juniors: 12 to 19 years old.
  • Open Men & Women: Of any adult age.
  • Master Men & Women: Who reach 40 years during calender year of competition.
  • Senior Master Men & Women: Who reach 50 years during calender year of competition.
  • Golden Master Men & Women: Who reach 60 years during calender year of competition.

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